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Ancient Greek Sandals – The Worldwide Business Success of the Iconic Greek Footwear

Ancient greek sandals greece alive

Ancient Greek Sandals was founded a few years ago and has since seen major success worldwide. In Greece during the summer, the most worn shoe is the classic Greek sandal. It comes in many designs, flats or heels, and in different leather types and colours. Christina and Nicolas decided to spread the word by creating their own designs and selling these abroad – an idea that has brought them great success.

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The posters that took over Athens / Wishes on Blank Paper

Greece alive athens posters etchells

Suprised Athenians lift their head and read messages on the city’s poles and bus stops. An imaginative international project with 39 quotes sparks a dialogue: What would you change in your life?

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Nissos: a Greek Beer Comes Second in a European Competition

greece alive nissos beer

For the first time, a Greek beer wins an award in a European competition. The microbrewery in Tinos island was pleasantly surprised since they were not expecting to win when they decided to attend! Continue reading “Nissos: a Greek Beer Comes Second in a European Competition”

ReGen -Fight the Brain Drain of Generation G in Greece

Greece alive regeneration global athens hub

In a recent Foreign Affairs article, World Economic Forum Founder Klaus Schwab concluded that “in the end, it all comes down to people and values.”

“We need to shape a future that works for all of us by putting people first and empowering them”, he wrote.

It is with this same vision that Athens Global Shapers community founded ReGeneration (ReGen) three years ago, a program that bridges young talent with career-launching opportunities. They founded ReGen to address a youth unemployment problem that continues to plague developed and developing economies alike. Continue reading “ReGen -Fight the Brain Drain of Generation G in Greece”

The First Apartment Building for the Homeless in Athens

greece alive apartments for the homeless in athens

Furnished Apartments for the Homeless. “People need to get up from their sofas to start solving problems” said the moving company owner. In a few days, everything will be in place in the 17 apartments. Even the names on the doorbells in the entrance. Each one represents a family that today lives in the streets. Along with the house keys, the members of those families will gain some of their pride back. Continue reading “The First Apartment Building for the Homeless in Athens”

Curba Bicycles – Uniquely Handmade in the Village of Karditsa

Greece alive curba bicycles karditsa

“No two bikes are the same.” This is the motto of Vangelis Kakargias, who manufactures handmade bicycles in his hometown of Karditsa, in Central Greece. Continue reading “Curba Bicycles – Uniquely Handmade in the Village of Karditsa”

Bloode – Online Volunteer Platform for Blood Donations

Bloode is a digital volunteering community. It’s a platform hosted by , where anyone can volunteer to give blood, and can directly respond to requests by those who need it.

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Athens Metro in the World’s 10 Best Subways

Athens Metro subway greece alive
In Athens, citizens may take it for granted and walk through it quickly during their commute, but for a visitor, Athens’ subway is one of the things worth seeing in the capital. Recently, the American travel guide Frommer’s classed Athens’ subway amongst the 10 best worldwide, mainly praising the combination of some stations with archaeological findings.

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Workable – Greek Startup goes Global

Workable greece alive start up

In the spring of 2012, 35-year-old Imperial College graduate Nikos Moraitakis was an Upstream executive in Dubai, far away from the noise of crisis-stricken Greece, but when a new round of elections was announced back home in May that year – a situation which would lead the country to the brink of Grexit – he decided to return and set up his own company Continue reading “Workable – Greek Startup goes Global”

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