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Inauguration of the New Unit of Ancient DNA Analysis in Crete

Ancient dna analysis greece alive crete

This summer, we saw the inauguration of the new unit of ancient DNA analysis in the Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology (IMBB) in Crete. This is part of the Foundation for Research and Technology (FORTH), and the inauguration was set through an international  project called “Analysis of ancient DNA: A new glance at the past”. Continue reading “Inauguration of the New Unit of Ancient DNA Analysis in Crete”


Nissos: a Greek Beer Comes Second in a European Competition

greece alive nissos beer

For the first time, a Greek beer wins an award in a European competition. The microbrewery in Tinos island was pleasantly surprised since they were not expecting to win when they decided to attend! Continue reading “Nissos: a Greek Beer Comes Second in a European Competition”

Archeological Scuba-diving Park to be Created in the Gulf of Evia

Greece alive scuba diving park in Evia gulf underwater museum

A unique ‘archaeological’ scuba park featuring 26 well-preserved underwater shipwrecks open to visitors in the Gulf of Evia will be created, following an agreement reached on Wednesday between Attica Regional Authority governor Rena Dourou, Marathon Mayor Ilias Psinakis, Lavrio Mayor Dimitris Loukas and Culture Minister Aristidis Baltas. Continue reading “Archeological Scuba-diving Park to be Created in the Gulf of Evia”

Bloode – Online Volunteer Platform for Blood Donations

Bloode is a digital volunteering community. It’s a platform hosted by , where anyone can volunteer to give blood, and can directly respond to requests by those who need it.

Continue reading “Bloode – Online Volunteer Platform for Blood Donations”

An Incredibly Nutritious Cake to Solve Hunger or Nutrition Issues

greece alive feed back kouretas

Success stories from Greek academia are few and far between at the best of times, and more so in the midst of the crisis, which has taken a heavy toll on university research and innovation programs. Dimitris Kouretas, a professor of biochemistry and biotechnology at the University of Thessaly, is one of these few shining examples and was among 12 eminent researchers from 10 European Union countries that presented their findings at an event organized by the European Commission in Brussels Continue reading “An Incredibly Nutritious Cake to Solve Hunger or Nutrition Issues”

Athens Flying Week 2015

Athens flying week 2015 greece alive

Athens Flying Week, one of the most prestigious aviation events in Europe, was back for its annual date with the public, from September 7, 2015 to September 13, 2015 at Faliro and Tatoi. Continue reading “Athens Flying Week 2015”

Olympus National Park – Fifth Best in Europe

greece alive mount olympus
Olympus National Park has been voted as the fifth best national park in Europe by an independent international agency.

Continue reading “Olympus National Park – Fifth Best in Europe”

Amateur Astronomers in Thessaloniki Discover a Supernova

supernova thessaloniki greece alive

Mesozoic era. About 250 million years ago. Dinosaurs appear on Earth and the first mammals after Permia, which completed with the largest mass extinction of species that has ever been registered in Paleontology. At that time, somewhere in the Galaxy a star came to the end of its life and exploded, causing the phenomenon of a Supernova.

Thessaloniki, last days of July 2015. Stavros Koukioglou, sitting in front of his laptop and projects, or “blinks” as it’s called, images of galaxies that are possible targets for the registration of a supernova. Continue reading “Amateur Astronomers in Thessaloniki Discover a Supernova”

Centre for Talented Youth Greece – A Creative and Scientific Summer School

Cty greece alive

This year, CTY Greece students were taught Chemistry, Philosophy, Cryptology, Mechanics, and much more; they even designed an amphibious vehicle.

This is not a usual classroom. Primary school students wear white lab coats and work around lab benches. Having been taught the basics of Mechanics in previous classes, they are now to build a bridge, with slim wooden Continue reading “Centre for Talented Youth Greece – A Creative and Scientific Summer School”

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