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phoebe greece aliveAbout me: My name is Phoebe – Φοίβη – I am Greek, 22 years old and currently live and work in London. I grew up in Athens and came to study in the UK in 2010.

I created this page because I am growing tired of the Greek stereotypes I face when I’m abroad. We are not lazy, we are not always late (yeah ok – who isn’t sometimes late?!), we pay our taxes, and we do not all smoke.

So, one day at a time, one post at a time, I will try to make a difference. I will show you that Greece has things to offer. Greece has beautiful islands and extraordinary food. Yes it does. But you’ve heard all that before, you’ve seen the inspiring videos of Santorini and Zante. They are breathtaking. BUT – there’s more! Greece is a country buzzing with talent. It is hard to find because the media love the drama of the riots and food shortages and shut banks. This is the reality. But again… there’s more! I am proud of being Greek and I hope I can show you why through the posts in this page.

Eυχαριστώ, enjoy!