greece alive nissos beer

For the first time, a Greek beer wins an award in a European competition. The microbrewery in Tinos island was pleasantly surprised since they were not expecting to win when they decided to attend!

42 countries from most continents, 1613 beers, 105 specialist critics blind tasting: “European Beer Star” – the competition in Bavaria, promotes for the first time a Greek beer: Nissos Pilsner.

greece alive nissos beer

This competition started 11 years ago and the awards are internationally considered the most important and honourable in the global brewing industry. European Beer Consumers Uniont (EBCU) is officially supporting this competition.

This year, a small brewery from Tinos island is amongst the winners. “Nissos Pilsner” was awared the silver medal in the category of Bohemian Style Pilsner.


Source: News 247