Choco Factory Museum is a new..chocolate park in Athens! It has been built to remind us of Roald Dahl’s wildest dreams expressed in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” enhanced by actual new technologies and designs.
The park is aimed at both adults and children and has an educational purpose, as one can learn about the history and making of chocolate and some biscuits.
Chocolate factory museum greece alive
You can visit the Cacao and Chocolate Museum, The Aztec Temple, Amazon Jungle, Amazon Hut, Chocolate Workshop, Biscuit Workshop, Milk Workshop, Caramel Workshop, Time Machine, and more. In every “workshop” there will be tasting, which, yes, means you can have as much chocolate as you want.. or can.
The good thing is, there is also a space explaining how to protect your teeth!!
 Chocolate factory museum greece alive

However, apart from what we’ve mentioned so far, there is something even better. In Choco Factory Museum you will find Europe’s largest chocolate waterfall! 1.200 Liters of actual chocolate flowing in front of spectators, for those who can resist jumping in (I wouldn’t recommend it – you remember what happened in Roald Dahl’s story).

 Chocolate factory museum greece alive
The park also hosts Choco Art, a different space for culture and art, where there are sculptures, paintings, other works of art, a photography exhibition and comics, all focusing on chocolate. Chocolate tasting will include selected flavours from around the world.

The park is currently scheduled to run until 21st February 2016.


Source: LifO