Bloode is a digital volunteering community. It’s a platform hosted by , where anyone can volunteer to give blood, and can directly respond to requests by those who need it.

See their website here to find more details:

Patients or their relatives can make a blood donation request through the website. At the same time, those volunteering who are registered on the website are automatically notified for current requests, and for other events that Bloode runs regardless of specific, individual requests.

Apart from the online community, Bloode organises events aiming at the expansion of the volunteering culture and promotion of blood donating.


Bloode has been running for almost a year now; they have organised 4 group volunteer blood donation events, has a community of more than 1000 registered volunteer blood donors and around 400 people have benefitted from this service.

Bloode has received a few awards as a startup company and now has a set group of partner companies.
In Greece, around 700.000 units of blood are needed yearly, and only 35% is covered by volunteers. The rest is collected by ‘replacement donors’ – which means friends and relatives of the donor.
If you are interested, register here:
Source: Orange Grove, Bloode, En Lefko