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In Athens, citizens may take it for granted and walk through it quickly during their commute, but for a visitor, Athens’ subway is one of the things worth seeing in the capital. Recently, the American travel guide Frommer’s classed Athens’ subway amongst the 10 best worldwide, mainly praising the combination of some stations with archaeological findings.

“Subways worth the ride” is the title of ‘s article, which tries to compare very different underground systems. “What is what defines the best subways worldwide? Apart from safety, cleanliness and cost, to combine them with great architecture, underground shops and places to eat” are some of the things mentioned.

The travel guide’s article refers to Athens’ subway with flattering comments, also saying that “One of the crowning achievements of this city’s Olympic bid was the creation of Attiko Metro, a system with stations housing archaeological exhibits and items that were uncovered while digging (walls, cisterns, urns, and even sarcophagi). Even if you don’t need to get to any of the 50-plus stations, it’s well worth a visit to Syntagma Square or Akropoli stations to see the relics or Ethniki Amyna station for more contemporary art installations. Though the trains aren’t that modern or extremely efficient, the visual surroundings make it all worthwhile.”

The other subways mentioned in the top 10 are those of the following cities:
Moscow,ondom, Stockholm, Tokyo, New York City, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Beijing.

Frommer’s was founded in 1957 and has published more than 350 travel guides, selling more than 75 million copies worldwide.

A few “historic” facts about Athens’ subway system: it first began in 1992 and the first two sections delivered in January 2000 were line 2 “Syntagma – Sepolia” and line 3 “Ethniki Amyna – Syntagma”. Today, the two lines run along 59,7kms and include 40 stations. There are about 938.000 passengers daily on lines 2 and 3 of the subway, plus another 460.000 using the linked overground. Line 3 is currently being extended with a further 7,6kms and 6 new stations.

Source: Frommer’s, Ekathimerini