Feeding the 5000 food waste athens greece alive

On Sunday October 11th from 12pm to 5pm, at Kotzia Square in Athens, the organisation Feeding the 5.000 will offer delicious free meals to more than 5.000 citizens. This event is part of the organisation’s global campaign against food waste.

The meal will be prepared by an official cooks’ team, with main ingredients being more than a ton of fresh vegetables and fruit, which would otherwise have been thrown away and would never have reached the markets, due to their appearance or the abundance of such products. Crooked carrots, ugly potatoes and courgettes “with personality “.

Millions of tons of fresh fruit and vegetables are thrown away because they don’t look good enough to appear on supermarket shelves, or because there’s just… too many of them. More than a third of the global production is wasted from supermarkets to households and restaurants, while each household in Greece wastes around 98.9kgs of food per person per year.

Feeding the 5000 food waste athens greece alive

Farmers and transporters in Greece and the world are forced to throw fruit and vegetables away due to cancellation of orders or strict aesthetic criteria, set by the supermarkets.

Facing the issue of food waste has been recognised as a world priority. The U.N. recently set as one of the targets of sustainable growth, the reduction of food waste by 50% until 2030, a target which was just adopted by the U.S.A. as well.

With the attention of global communities towards food waste, this event will be an impressive celebration  which will promote positive and delicious solutions to this issue.

The day’s programme includes:

– Cooking show

– Anti food waste cocktails by Giannis Korovesis

– Disco party

Photography competition from WWF. Participants take a photo with an “ugly” fruit or vegetable and enhance their beautiful appearance… the weirder the better!

This initiative is led by Feedback, in collaboration with Boroume, WWF Hellas, British Council, EU FUSIONS and more partners.

Source: Kalyteri Zoi