Greece alive robotics roma

An unusual success was noted in Thessaloniki, where five students created the first Roma women’s robotics team. They named it “Connect”, symbolising the strong friendship bond between them. Their first participation in the International Robotics League organised by First Lego League 2015 was awarded, since the organisers deemed it appropriate for the team to win the “Against The Odds” award.

Chrysili Katsea, member of the team, said that “anyone who does not know the situation well in Dendropotamos, Thessaloniki, would say that there is poverty, unemployment and illegal activity but there is a way out if you want to do something in your life”.

17 year old Chrysili decided to get involved with what she loves, spending the largest part of her day tangled in cables and thoughts for a future away from her current surroundings. “When we found out that the boys’ team “FAR.GO.BOTS.” were picked to travel to the USA through First Lego League 2014, we decided to participate in the next one.” The competition theme for 2015 was “School of the Future”. “Regarding the project, what we produced was a video with ideas about how we would like a school of the future to be like”.

Source: Kathimerini