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The first award (Grand Prix) at the 27th International Radio Competition of the International Radio and Television Union (URTI) was awarded to Greek radio.

The producer of the Third programme of ERT, Anna Sakali, won the multiculturalism award for the radio transmission of the story “The Fallen Dervish” (“Ο Ξεπεσμένος Δερβίσης”) by Aleksandros Papadiamantis, among dozens of submissions from 28 different countries.

This is one of the most prestigious awards in the Radio sector, while URTI promotes quality radio content since 1949, on a global basis.

The aim of this competition, taking place every year with a different subject, is the promotion of human values, peace, friendship and understanding between nations through a flexible but strong medium of communication such as the radio.

Find the audio of the programme here.

«Ο Ξεπεσμένος Δερβίσης» was published in January 1896. Through it, Papadiamantis expresses his sympathy towards a foreigner, with a different religion to his own and from another country, a dervish. The story is basically calling christians and muslims to come together through discussions and acceptance, but also through mutual respect.

Anna Sakali’s show aired on June 21st 2015 with a general title of “Musical narrations”, in the Third Programme of Greek Radio.

Anna Sakali was the director and for the narration, apart from herself, Kostas Gialinis and Giorgos Eustathiou took part. Giannis Psuxogios was in charge of sound engineering.

In order to participate in this competition, the existing translation by René Bouchet was used.

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Source: The Press Project