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As part of its ongoing promotional efforts to bring Greece closer to its clients, Aegean Airlinesannounces the launch of its “Filepse Tous” (“Treat Them”) project, which aims to “use” world-renowned Greek hospitality to introduce locally produced goodies and get the word out.

Translating into “Treat Them”, the program invites Greeks far and wide to visit and extend Greek hospitality to visitors by treating them to a Greek gift on their way home.

Visit the, select a treat, a flight and a gift — rusks from Kythera, sesame seed and honey pasteli, Chios mastic, soap made of olive oil, Greek coffee, local herbs and Aegina pistachios — which one of over 1,000 travelers will find on their seat on their return flight to their countries with a farewell and thank you wish from you.


Travelers can thank you back on social media with #aGiftFromGreece.

Aegean has collaborated with local producers for the “Filepse Tous” program in efforts to promote Greek products abroad.

Source: Greek Travel Pages