Drops of Breath greece alive souni

For the first time in the world, choreographers Apostolia Papadamaki and Sophie Bulbuyan in collaboration with artists from 10 different countries will present and underwater dance show titled “Drops of Breath”.

14 artists from France, Greece and Cyprus will perform the choreography in one of the Mediterranean Sea’s most beautiful coast, on the beach at Cape Sounio, under the ancient Greek temple of Poseidon. The underwater show will also of course have sound, and the scenography and costumes will create a unique visual experience.

Also for thefirst time worldwide, the audience will be underwater! Accredited divers, fully equipped, will be watching the show underwater sitting on underwater benches. Anyone with goggles can watch the show,  while for those who would rather remain dry, the organisers have set up a screen on the beach, while three underwater cameras will be filming and transmitting the show live.

Drops of breath greece alive underwater dance

About the performers:

The group of underwater performers consists of 8 dancers with or without disability; 5 are professional, 4 are children aged 10-14, 1 dive master and 1 certified instructor. Under this range of ages and body structures, they aim to fuel the performance with the important humanity aspect that everything is possible and everybody is equal underwater. 

“Drops of Breath” is part of a greater programme called “The Underwater Heart of the Mediterranean”, which is a polymorph work created with the support of the EU, Creative Europe, and the programme Horizon 2020, for the period January 2015 – February 2016.

The shows are scheduled for September 25-27.

Find the Drops of Breath official page here.

One way to find tickets is through here.