Tuvunu greece alive

Traditional organic mountain tea from Thrace with honey and lemon, is launched in USA this month. The 100% Greek mountain tea with its antioxidant properties hasn’t been exploited commercially until now.

The new expansion of the Macedonian – Thrace Brewery based in Komotini, will procure raw material from its own plantations and other producers while it has already acquired the patents for the production and the product itself. The budget of the effort reached 400.000 euros.
The commercialisation of the traditional recipe from the Macedonian – Thrace Brewery became possible after the lifting of the prohibition to produce refreshments and juices in the same spaces where beer is produced, that recently received the Parliament’s approval.
«The famous to all Greeks mountain tea has never been used commercially until today. The herb industry has been growing rapidly worldwide, as the customers turn to more healthy products. This is how I got the idea for an ice tea made from mountain herbs with the intention to target the international market» notes Mr. Politopoulos.
The company will secure its raw material from its own plantations and other producers it collaborates with and it has already obtained the worldwide patents for the production and the product. An agreement with 200 producers from the region of Xanthi has already been signed for the production of tea, with a budget of 400000 euros. As the CEO of the company, Mr Dimitris Politopoulos, stressed, the product is addressed mainly to the international market and the company has already cemented agreements in the USA and Europe for the export of an entire year’s production.
Politopoulos noted that Ice Tea Tuvunu is only the beginning as the Macedonian Thrace Brewery wishes to create a range of healthy refreshments utilising the thousands of herbs of the Greek land. Mr Politopoulos believes that the primary sector is the pillar for the development in Greece.
«We are preparing new tastes in the non-alcoholic beverage field. After ‘Tuvunu’ until the end of the year we are adding ice chamomile, tilio, sage and other similar herb-based beverages, as well as combinations of some of them. The product will shake up the market as it is a totally new refreshment suggestion that doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world» said the founder of the company and continued «Greek politicians talk about Exclusive Economic Zones and the mineral wealth. Let’s start from the wealth that lies above the earth. A barrel of oil costs 110 dollars; that is 80 euros per 100 litres while frozen beverages are sold at more than 200 euros per 100 litres».
Greek tea was presented for the first time in the 21st Trade Exhibition of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace on the 26th of May and impressed everyone who tasted it. The tea was served cold and the tasters answered a series of questions that will be considered in the first taste study conducted before Tuvunu’s circulation in the markets.
Alongside its plans to introduce the tea to foreign markets, Macedonian – Thrace Brewery is working for the expansion of the international presence of ‘Vergina’ beer, aiming to secure its distribution in the East and West Coast of the USA.
Macedonia – Thrace Brewery is considered to be one the most promising, rising companies in Greece. The successful development dynamic of the company is due to its experienced employees and the upgrade and modernisation of its factories. The company began exporting in the USA in 1999. It intends to expand the cultivation of tea through contractual agriculture in Rodopi and Evros regions. For the time being the Brewery covers its raw material needs, with herbs from all over Greece as the production of its collaborators isn’t enough.

Source: Good News GR