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The Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos created two new apps “ATH Messenger” and “ATH Free WIFI” for travellers. Get live updates through the ATH Messenger app for your flights, no need to worry about checking the departure boards every five minutes. The ATH Free WIFI app gives users unlimited WIFI in the airport, which until now allowed 60′ minutes of free wi-fi (which was probably enough for most, but you really don’t want your free wifi to run out if your flight is delayed).

What you need to do to use ATH Messenger:

1. Like the app’s facebook page:

2. To use the messaging feature, you send them a message by clicking on the Message icon on the top right of their Facebook page. You can then send a message saying “#welcome” to receive the initial welcome info, and from then on, to get live updates for your flight, you send a message saying #flight &flight number. Ex: “#flight A3244”. They will reply with your flight’s information, and when new info comes on, i.e. if the gate number is announced, or if Boarding starts, they will notify you by sending another message.

ath messenger greece aliveYour trip goes through your inbox!

In accordance with the relevant statements of the airport of Athens, during a press conference, Athens International Airport is the first airport in the world that implements application information through Facebook’s Messenger app.


Source: En Lefko,, National Informer