Mysterious greece alive travel guide

A guide for mysterious Greece.

Stefania created to promote the most authentic side of Greece.

It is a guide for travels and excursions in all of Greece. It is different, informative, and well-designed. Stefania Niakarou, 25 years old, created it in order to internationally promote Greece as a year round destination and, most importantly, to show the authenticity and secrets of each region, as well as those of its people, who take care of their land, neighbourhood, town, island or country, with “meraki” (explanation: to do something with “meraki” – in Greek – means to do something with soul, creativity and love.  To put a part of yourself into what you’re doing.)

It took Stefania over two years to set it up because she did everything alone. It went live on June 1st, and she was 100% sure that it was perfect. “I wanted to make sure that it was exacrly how I wanted it and the image a visitor would have on their first view was complete and attractive” says Stefania, and describes to us how she decided to create

“I was living in the UK for five years, studying Public Relations. At some point I wrote an essay regarding Greece’s rebranding, its promotion beyond the usual touristic ways. I started looking for other similar sites and realised there were none which had all the information needed. For every destination I had to use 50 to 100 Greek or non-Greek sites. That’s when I got the idea for; I came back to Greece and started working on it. I travelled to many of those places but Facebook was also of great help. I started talking to locals in every region and also people who had travelled there before. That’s how I slowly built the travel guides – based on  my own opinion and that of people I trusted too.”

Stefania has done everything on the site, from writing the content, promoting it and even designing it.

History, archaeology, mythology, geography, festivals, proposals for fun activities and tips for each destination. That is the way to experience the true side of each place; on the site you can search destinations by the type of holiday you want to go on.

To keep the site interesting and up-to-date, Stefania continuously refreshes the content.

“In order to create new content for the site visitors, I decided to create full monthly guides, dedicated to new destinations. It’s an online travel magazine. I am currently covering Santorini. I do not use the guides to advertise. The places I suggest you visit in the guides are picked from my own experiences or from those of people who I know and trust.”

Stefania is fully dedicated to the project, works long hours and the site never leaves her mind. The work is demanding and stressful. She doesn’t mind doing everything alone – either way, she doesn’t have a choice, because her parents may be able to financially support her, but it couldn’t work with coworkers. She is making small but steady steps and vouches to never let the site become commercial. “I was never of the opinion that I should do something to make money straight away. Initially I really want to promote the unkown – to most – places in Greece. I believe this is the biggest investment I have ever made, and I know there may not be an immediate financial gain. The economy is turning though, and in the beginning maybe only a business on an island may benefit but eventually I will too. Probably from advertising on the site, but I’m not sure how yet. I know for sure that in the future I would like to have other writers as coworkers but I would not want the site’s philosophy to change and see it become commercial in order to become profitable.”

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Source: grekamag