Trip in view Greece alive

How would you feel if you could hop on a helicopter and fly above Zante? Or maybe explore Halkidiki’s beaches? Or maybe have a look at Kastelorizo from above. You can do all that with Trip in View – well, sort of. They did it for you, and took photos so you can see Greece’s coastline and decide where you want to go next!

You can search for a place you’re interested in, or simply click on the map somewhere that looks interesting. You can zoom in and out, change your point of view, and …you’ll be stuck there for hours wishing you could visit every single one of these places.

There are more than 200,00 Greek photos and 120 hours of HD video shot from a helicopter. GeoTag Aeroview is the company behind it, with its offices in Greece. Achilles Chatzinikos, co-founder and manager, is leading the Trip in View project. He is a software engineer involved in Green Energy projects in Greece. Trip in View has now also expanded to the French and Italian coastlines, and plans to continue onto other countries soon.

Find the website here: Trip in View

Source: in2life