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“Boroume” or “We Can”, is a voluntary initiative that fights food waste and coordinates the daily donation of surplus food to orphanages, soup kitchens, old age homes and other welfare institutions. Seeing the paradox that 1 in 11 citizens in the Attica region are struggling to secure enough food to feed themselves whilst at the same time, tonnes of  good food is being thrown away everyday by restaurants, hotels, bakeries  and other food points, Boroume decided to do something about it.

Boroume works with welfare institutions, social workers in municipalities and soup kitchens all over Greece in order to learn about their daily needs. The organization does not stock or transport food, but make sure that it gets picked up directly by those who need it most.
Boroume’s organizational aim is for the food to be donated within the same neighborhood in order to strengthen the ties between people living in the same area. In addition, Boroume assists companies that want to donate food in Corporate Social Responsibility programmes, gives personal advice to people in need of food and help them secure food on a daily basis, holds food drives in schools and works with hotels in the Attica region to help provide welfare institutions with necessary equipment as well as food.

On average they serve more than 5,000 meals a day, and through their website they encourage everyone to help donate – either companies or individuals.

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Source: Europa