bitcoin accepted here athens greece alive

An active ‘taverna’ owner and IT graduate, Nikos Houtas, made a step in 2012 which put him on the list of pioneers of South Europe. He registered on the bitpay platform in order to give his clients the possibility of paying with bitcoins.

The taverna may serve the most traditional Greek dishes, but don’t let that fool you – they are as modern as any other bitcoin company in Europe.

“Everything started in 2012, when I heard about bitcoin from a friend in the USA. At that time, the platform was in a very premature stage in Greece. We could not register transactions. However, in 2013 we started having transactions from tourists who came to the taverna because they had heard they could pay with bitcoin (there is a 20% deduction for anyone paying in bitcoin)”.

“We now make transactions with many countries, from the UK, France, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg, to the USA and Canada. The next thing on our list is to create a bitcoin ATM”, Houtas says , and continues “Our transactions with bticoin are about 500€ these past two years, but lately traffic has increased.

bitcoin barcode greece aliveHow does it actually work? Nikos goes to the clients who have asked for the bill, with a special tablet on which it will enter the amount in Euros. Automatically, the app will convert that amount into bitcoin and then the client scans the qr code from his own device to complete the payment.

Source: Lifo