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Dopios means local in Greek. This web-based travel concierge match-makes travellers with local experts. Whether you’re looking for walks around the city centre, daily excursions, extreme sports or cycling routes, you’ll find someone to take you there. Your chosen guide will customise activities, dispense travel advice, make reservations and set the price for their services. Dopios helps travellers feel like insiders and locals earn some extra cash. It’s a brilliantly simple idea that has been much imitated.

The company was created a few years ago by a team of Greeks, and they first launched the idea in Athens. Following their success, they have now expanded their service to other cities of the world as well.

dopios athens greece aliveThe idea is that before you go on your trip, you go on, you select the city you are travelling to, and you get a list of locals who have showed interest in touring their city with you. You get to see their profile – decide who you like best – and then message them to start talking about your trip. You can talk about what you would like to see and do during your stay, to make sure the “dopios” you choose is the right one for your taste.

Activities proposed on the site for Athens range from “best bars in Gazi”, “walk around Plaka”, “homemade traditional meal with friends/family”, “one day excursion to Hydra”, “olive picking”, etc. Anything that tickles your fancy.

A group of young Greek entrepreneurs started this website, and their first city was Athens. Since then, the project has expanded to many more – and the “locals” are now a global community.

Through dopios, you have the chance of making your stay more special and fun, by taking advantage of the tips or experiences a local will share with you. Feel like an insider!

Find their website here:

dopios – A better way to travel.

Source: Guardian, Neolaia, dopios