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The first and only activist bookstore in Athens is struggling to stay alive – same as the rest of us nowadays. Free Thinking Zone’s address is on 64 Skoufa Street, it is established in a very special and urban space, and it is counting towards its third year since conception. They have political or community actions, discussions, book presentations, and believe that thinking ..should be free. And that’s why they host all the events they do – to keep it that way.

Areti Georgili is the owner and tries to run it like she had initially imagined it: politicised and unsettled. “We are an activist bookshop” she said, “we don’t care about selling the last commercial books, as much as promoting political consciousness through our activities, and keep feeding new sparks of thought. We have team of volunteers who show interest and take responsibility over various things. Only a week ago, a young man came and said he wanted to host a literature night – and he did”.

free thinking zone greece alive

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We found out that on Wednesday 22 July, the independent team “Opinionated Citizens” will arrange a gathering there. The event will be recorded and shown though live streaming on the web, through Facebook and the team’s website, with the support of the independent online magazine and the sponsoring of multimedia company Wibox. Invitations are open to every interested and active citizen. You should go.

In Free Thinking Zone, they also have movie nights, with some offers for viewings starting July 30th. With the purchase of a book, regardless of its price, you are given a 7€ ticket for two, for a viewing of your choice.


You can also visit Free Thinking Zone simply to have coffee, interesting conversations, to read a book, or to make an event of your own initiative. They will listen and always be willing to work, cooperate and discuss.

Summer in Athens may be unbearable but while you’re still there, this bookshop is worth the visit. You will almost certainly find something which will draw your attention. Food for thought at least.

Source: Athens Voice