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Tilos, a small island in Greece in the Aegean Sea between Kos and Rhodes, will become the first island in Greece and the Mediterranean to become a “green” island.

Tilos will implement a hybrid energy production and storage system that will allow it to get energy solely from renewable sources.  The project, also known as the TILOS program, is part of Horizon 2020.  Horizon 2020 is the biggest research and innovation program in the EU with nearly €80 billion in funding being used over 7 years (2014-2020).

The new energy system will allow Tilos to runny fully on renewable energy.  The TILOS program, involving 15 stakeholders from 7 countries within Europe, is lead by a research team from the Laboratory of Renewable Energy and Environmental Protection at the University of Piraeus.  The TILOS program received the the best evaluation of 80 competing companies in Horizon 2020.

“Tilos is a small border island that faces many problems, receives little support and has great tenacity. Despite the setbacks, we always try to strive for the best, different and new. TILOS program is an innovative project, consistent with our island’s tradition to protect the environment, which will integrate the island in the global energy leadership, while opening new horizons in the ecotourism field and enhancing the image of our island internationally,” Maria Aliferi, Mayor, Tilos.

Tilos is a beautiful island known for its landscape, culture, and history.



Source: Eco Wanderlust