360 video athens greece

Take a short walk around Acropolis or Athens ancient city, across Dionysou Aeropagitou street and through Thission and Monastiraki area through the video below.

Experience Greece proudly presented the first ever 360 degrees video made in Greece. The team worked hard the past 8 months not only to present this video, but to develop a fully operational platform that embraces the new media in an impressive way. They can use a web browser, smartphones, virtual reality (VR) glasses, Oculus Rift media, implement the 360 videos in Augmented Reality systems, and much more… with one single goal:  To deliver the  personal enhanced experience to people worldwide.

360 or spherical videos are the new big trend because they offer enhanced experiences. While traditional videos provide only one angle of reference, a 360 degree video enables viewers to take an active role in selecting the angles they see. Using the mouse to click and drag (or the gyroscope of your smartphone)  anywhere within the frame of the video, viewers can look up, down, left, right, or completely around within the footage, just as if they were standing right there in the middle of the action.

The Experience Greece team creates specified context spherical videos which give the unique feeling that you are at the centre of the universe. Beyond the impressive  presentation and the documentation of the visual material which covers completely the surrounding space, the 360 videos offer the illusion of a 3Dimentional representation, surpassing  a 360 photograph.

Soure: Experience Greece