TFA tickets for athens mobile app

Passengers can now use their mobile phones to buy and display tickets on City Bus, Electric Trolley-Bus, Metro, Tram and Suburban Railway in Athens.

In January 2015, Transport for Athens (OASA Group) and Masabi, the leader in transit mobile ticketing and fare collection, announced the deployment of mobile ticketing in the city across all modes of public transport. This represents the city’s first implementation of a digital ticketing system that supplements its co-existing paper ticket cash-based operation. Masabi’s end-to-end mobile ticketing system, JustRide, has also been successfully deployed in other large cities including Boston, London, San Diego and will be launching in New York.

Athens’ 1.0 million daily public transport customers are now able to purchase and display tickets for immediate and future travel through their smartphone, saving time and hassle. Meanwhile, Transport for Athens expects to reduce its costs for handling cash and paper ticket printing, enabling new investments into its infrastructure and services.

TFA tickets for athens mobile app

“Mobile ticketing offers a win-win situation for Athens, combining an excellent user experience for passengers with the added benefit of reducing the costs associated with cash handling,” said Gregory Dimitriadis, Chairman of the BoD & CEO, Transport for Athens. “In deploying Masabi’s technology across all modes of public transport in Athens, we are launching one of the world’s largest mobile ticketing deployments seen to date. We are proud to be leading the world in offering this innovation across all modes of transport.”

The “TfA Tickets” app is useful for both commuters and visitors in the city. It is free to download, has been designed for iOS and Android mobile operating systems and tablets, and is available in English or Greek language on AppStore or GooglePlay.

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